The Damiano Family

In our establishment in Torrenova we have been making nuts since 1964. Actually we started with dried fruit, but now we do lots more: spreads, chocolate-coated almonds, pistachios, pine nuts and all the rest. All strictly organic. Our company has worked and grown relentlessly since 1964.

What is the best part for you? Reaching your destination or the journey it takes to get you there?

The best part for us is the journey from one accomplishment to the next, the constant learning process, the impossible things we make possible through our work, the new technology we invent for our production lines; the best part for us are the faces of the people around the world who put Amandino in their yogurt, the miles we fly to meet our clients, the fields of our Sicily that bestow on us their precious fruits and our certifications we are so proud of.

This is who we are. And who are you?

You are the people we think of every day: when we handpick and select the best almonds, when we work to find perfect balance between quality and price, when we try to make one of our butters even creamier without adding anything to it.

We believe that you could be the kind of people who care about their wellbeing and who know that taking care of the body means taking care of the soul too.

We bet that you could tell – even with your eyes closed – if the peanut butter on a slice of bread is just any peanut butter or our organic Roasted Peanut Butter.

Mr Damiano, who founded this company at a time when hardly anyone in Italy even knew about organic, has his own theory: he believes that you are people who simply, want to eat good healthy food.
Well, we are exactly like you.

By the way, would you like to meet Mr Damiano (that’s how everybody calls him)? Then take a look at the video. You’ll meet his son Riccardo too, the man who over the last years has transformed this company into what it is today and who is always looking ahead to define what it will become tomorrow.

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